Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free channel with a ton of free content and shows behind it

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Pluto Tv is one of those channels you can access through the Roku channel store and get for free. Either by selecting it from the list or typing it into the search tool they provide you with. It will then install itself like any other channel/ app on your device and be ready for use.

Turn on Pluto TV

The first thing that will happen when you turn on Pluto TV is that an intro video will come on and instruct you to go to their website and enter in a code on the site to activate your device. This is so you can use your Roku device to control the features and change the channels. Follow the instructions and you will then automatically be taken to another intro video welcoming you to the channel on your TV screen. Follow the video and it will tell you how you can setup your channel favorites and hide channels you don’t want to watch. After that you can go to the channel menu and start watching.

(check out this video review of Pluto TV)

Pluto TV : Review

My first impression with the Pluto TV service was somewhat frustrating. The channel menu disappears after a few seconds. For me it was never enough time for me to read the descriptions that were on the screen.

If there are any advance features to using the menu I wish they would have told me in the intro videos. That would have helped a lot. Even if it told me to go to the website for more details at least there would have been a starting point for me. Yet at first I had to feel like a geriatric senior citizen shopping in a grocery store who believes strongly the store has always carried an item they wanted but in reality the store never carried in the first place.

Well, let me know your take on this site. It has lots of channels and content for everyone of all ages. It even has Mr. T! I’m sure you’ll find something that will fascinate you for a while. It’s very diverse in its content. Check it out!


Amazon Prime: More Than Just For Stuff

Get your favorite TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime and watch anytime you want on your Roku streaming device.

Did you know started out as an online bookstore? Now you can buy almost anything you want on that site. Yet did you also know you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows and documentaries on there as well?

With Amazon Prime membership you get a huge library of stuff you can watch. Some movie titles you need to pay additional fees for to rent or buy to own but most of the content on Amazon Prime is basically covered under the monthly subscription fee. Amazon Prime cost $10.99 per month and for those who use it to shop online for regular goods but not to watch TV are missing out on a huge treasure trove.

Even if you don’t buy items from the Amazon Prime membership for just watching movies is still a good price when you compare it to other similar content service providers such as Hulu or Netflix.

To Rent or To Own

While most of the content on their service is free, there are movies and TV shows that will cost an added fee. Some titles you can rent for couple days or purchase them to own. The same goes with TV series. There you can purchase a single episode or purchase entire seasons so can binge watch.

Amazon Prime is making it easier to get rid of cable

With new content being added all the time it is more convenient than ever to cut the ties to cable and get rid of those expensive cable TV bills.

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XTV: A Roku Channel That May Be A Cable Cutter For You

XTV is a free private Roku channel that hosts network, cable and other channels

If you are looking for a free reason to tip you over the fence then this may just do that. XTV, a free private channel, has many channels to choose from that I am sure you will agree are ones your favorite shows play on. They have network and sports channels as well too! Even the NFL Network. Check out the reviews below and you will see as I have it’s worth adding to your Roku channel list.

If you have not purchased a Roku yet get it right now by clicking here!

Roku Private Channel Code: XTVIPTV

If you have questions on how to add a private channel to your roku feel free to email me.

Roku Channels: Crackle-review of SuperMansion

If you like Robot Chicken from Adult Swim well Producer Seth Green is back with his team to bring you another looney show only they can think up

SuperMansion is an animated show about a team of wash up superheroes living in house together still believing they have what it takes to fight crime. Their leader Titanium Rex is an aging super who came from the center of the earth and stayed once he found he was super strong on the surface but now finds it hard to remain relevant in a world that now sees him as nothing more than old man who goes to the pharmacy to pick up his “penis pills”.

The team he leads is call the League of Freedom consisting of members; Black Saturn (a spoof on Batman), American Ranger (a spoof on Captain America), Jewbot a robot that renames himself Jewbot after learning his creator was Jewish, Brad (a spoof on the Hulk) and Cooch (a spoof on Tigra).

The League of Freedom fought bad guys while destroying the city and has their humorous antics while doing it. Their T&A humour and clever story line kept me entertained throughout the series.

So if you’re looking for something to binge watch check out SuperMansion on Crackle. You can install Crackle free through the Roku channel marketplace.

Get hundreds of free channels on you Roku and start watching TV!

How to add private channels to your Roku

It’s easy to find and add new channels to watch on your Roku that you didn’t think existed

Roku has channels that are experimental, requires membership or may contain adult content and for those reasons they don’t want to feature them on their Roku Marketplace. So if you know where to find them you can add new free channels to your Roku and some of these channels offer great content from major networks, I will blog more on that in future posts.

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