Pluto TV is a free channel with a ton of free content and shows behind it

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Pluto Tv is one of those channels you can access through the Roku channel store and get for free. Either by selecting it from the list or typing it into the search tool they provide you with. It will then install itself like any other channel/ app on your device and be ready for use.

Turn on Pluto TV

The first thing that will happen when you turn on Pluto TV is that an intro video will come on and instruct you to go to their website and enter in a code on the site to activate your device. This is so you can use your Roku device to control the features and change the channels. Follow the instructions and you will then automatically be taken to another intro video welcoming you to the channel on your TV screen. Follow the video and it will tell you how you can setup your channel favorites and hide channels you don’t want to watch. After that you can go to the channel menu and start watching.

(check out this video review of Pluto TV)

Pluto TV : Review

My first impression with the Pluto TV service was somewhat frustrating. The channel menu disappears after a few seconds. For me it was never enough time for me to read the descriptions that were on the screen.

If there are any advance features to using the menu I wish they would have told me in the intro videos. That would have helped a lot. Even if it told me to go to the website for more details at least there would have been a starting point for me. Yet at first I had to feel like a geriatric senior citizen shopping in a grocery store who believes strongly the store has always carried an item they wanted but in reality the store never carried in the first place.

Well, let me know your take on this site. It has lots of channels and content for everyone of all ages. It even has Mr. T! I’m sure you’ll find something that will fascinate you for a while. It’s very diverse in its content. Check it out!


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