Get your favorite TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime and watch anytime you want on your Roku streaming device.

Did you know started out as an online bookstore? Now you can buy almost anything you want on that site. Yet did you also know you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows and documentaries on there as well?

With Amazon Prime membership you get a huge library of stuff you can watch. Some movie titles you need to pay additional fees for to rent or buy to own but most of the content on Amazon Prime is basically covered under the monthly subscription fee. Amazon Prime cost $10.99 per month and for those who use it to shop online for regular goods but not to watch TV are missing out on a huge treasure trove.

Even if you don’t buy items from the Amazon Prime membership for just watching movies is still a good price when you compare it to other similar content service providers such as Hulu or Netflix.

To Rent or To Own

While most of the content on their service is free, there are movies and TV shows that will cost an added fee. Some titles you can rent for couple days or purchase them to own. The same goes with TV series. There you can purchase a single episode or purchase entire seasons so can binge watch.

Amazon Prime is making it easier to get rid of cable

With new content being added all the time it is more convenient than ever to cut the ties to cable and get rid of those expensive cable TV bills.

Any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact me. I love to hear feedback.


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