Roku Channels: Crackle-review of SuperMansion

If you like Robot Chicken from Adult Swim well Producer Seth Green is back with his team to bring you another looney show only they can think up

SuperMansion is an animated show about a team of wash up superheroes living in house together still believing they have what it takes to fight crime. Their leader Titanium Rex is an aging super who came from the center of the earth and stayed once he found he was super strong on the surface but now finds it hard to remain relevant in a world that now sees him as nothing more than old man who goes to the pharmacy to pick up his “penis pills”.

The team he leads is call the League of Freedom consisting of members; Black Saturn (a spoof on Batman), American Ranger (a spoof on Captain America), Jewbot a robot that renames himself Jewbot after learning his creator was Jewish, Brad (a spoof on the Hulk) and Cooch (a spoof on Tigra).

The League of Freedom fought bad guys while destroying the city and has their humorous antics while doing it. Their T&A humour and clever story line kept me entertained throughout the series.

So if you’re looking for something to binge watch check out SuperMansion on Crackle. You can install Crackle free through the Roku channel marketplace.

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